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Abygal Von Adelfried
Troy Von Der Noriswand (Imp-Ger)
Dam: Wily Vom Eigerwand
1-12-2006 - 27-8-2011


Hips: 5-3 Elbows 0-0


Mig was a very active girl, always on the go, and loved chasing after sticks in the paddock, but was just as fond of getting a little 'couch' time. As a baby Mig showed great promise, with a number of top placings including Baby Puppy in Show. From puppy and into Junior Mig never disapointed, Mig was Multi Excellent graded and has been awarded a number of Challenge Certificates, and has always been on the placings.
Mig was an excellent mother to her babies, with strong nurturing instincts - at weaning time we wondered why our pups did not come running for the food bowl like other peoples pups did, till we caught Mig regurgitating her own food for them, Mig worried that her babies might be hungry since she had not fed them with her milk, such an amazing Mum she was.
Mig's passing has left a huge whole in our lives, but She has also left us an amazing legacy in her progeny. We love you and miss you always Miglet.
2007 A.P.G.S.D.L All Breed Awards: Puppy of the Year
Most Points Runner Up
2008 Junior of The Year
Most Points
Most Challenges
2009 Intermediate of the Year
Most Points
Most Challenges
2012 Dam of the Year
2012 Mig's Progenys All Breed awards : Junior of the Year
Intermediate of the Year
Most Challenges
Most Points
Mig's Progenys Specialist Awards : Puppy of the Year
Junior of the Year
2013 A.P.G.S.D.L All Breed Dam of The Year
Mig's Progenys All Breed Awards: Junior of The Year
Intermediate of The Year
Most Points
Runner Up Points
2013 A.P.G.S.D.L Specialist Dam of The Year
Mig's Progenys Specialist Awards: Bitch of The Year
Open of The Year
Mig's Progeny results have been fantastic for such few animals presented at shows, Mig has won Dam of the Show x 8
At the 8th New Zealnd German Shepherd National 2010 under Judge Christoph Ludwig SV (Germany) Mig had 4 progeny shown from 2 litters:
Placings: 4th Baby Puppy Dog VP
4th Baby Puppy Bitch VP
1st Junior Bitch VGS
10th NZ Bred Bitch VGS
At the 9th Geman Shepherd National 1013 under Judge Rainer Mast S.V. (Germany)
Mig Had 4 progeny shown from 3 litters
Grand Victrix New Zealand 2013 Gold Medal Bitch Excellent #1
This is New Zealands Highest Award in the German Shepherd Sepcialist showring
2nd Intermediate Dog (Called out in first Place)
2nd New Zealand Bred Dog
2nd Intermediate Bitch
Mig's progeny results speak for themselves - couldn't be more pleased with results thus far.
We loved Mig dearly and she is greatly mourned by all the family -Mig you are free to run wild now our little "Wild Child".

Pedigree of " Abygal Von Adelfried"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Aust Seiger
Troy Von Der Noriswand(Imp-Ger)


Hinnerk Vom Kiemoor SCH H11
Vando Vom Moorbeck
SCH H111
Lissie Vom Kiemoor
SCH H111
Jenny Vom Falltor
Lord Vom Georg Vicktor Turm SCH H 111 (Gmy)
Lutzie Vom Kirschental


Wily Vom Eigerwand


Spellbinda Ali Baba (Imp-Aust)
HD-SV: HDa-normal(a1)
Iwan Vom Lechtal (Imp-Ger)
HD-SV: HDa normal(a1)
Bonacre Ramoth
Deringolsta Qute Choice Waldo Vom Noricum (Imp-Ger)
Unfehlbar Fina






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